About Jim Willis

Jim and Candi Willis couple
Jim and Candi Willis

Jim is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor and a Certified Senior Advisor (C.S.A.). Completing the extensive CSA study on over 20 major issues shows Jim to be the educated leader in understanding key necessities and issues concerning retirement. Jim has had extensive training in Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, Medicaid planning, long-term Care Insurance, and the VA Aids and Attendance Programs.

Jim is a graduate of Baptist Bible College with a BS in Theology. He resides in Land ‘O Lakes with his wife, Candi, and they plan to be newlyweds for at least 40 more years. Together, they have 5 married children and 10 grandchildren. Jim is very active, enjoying family outings, church missions, golf, tennis, mountain biking, soccer, and traveling — especially going on church mission trips annually. Jim and Candi attend The Church at Myrtle Lake, where Jim teaches a Logos Prep class and serves on the mission committee. Jim is always looking to share his unique spiritual life story.  Candi assists Jim at the agency, where Jim says, “She makes me look good!”

Jim’s goals are to meet your individual needs and goals with a strong and safe financial strategy.